A Finely Tuned Apathy Machine

A Finely Tuned Apathy Machine (Exile Editions, 2007)

“Compellingly narrated with a slacker’s eye for the bizarre.” – The Globe & Mail

“With this book, Paterson secures his place in the ranks of fellow Montrealers Neil Smith and Barry Webster, of Mark Anthony Jarman and the Americans Denis Johnson and George Saunders: all writers who trade in the zany, the pell-mell, the lunatic and absurd.” – The Malahat Review

“Mark can turn a dark and twisted and hysterical phrase with the best of them and his second collection, like his first, Other People’s Showers, strikes many nerves on the agony and ecstasy of dysfunctionality.” – The Montreal Gazette

Other People's Showers

Other People’s Showers (Exile Editions, 2003)

“Fiction from just the other side of normal.” – Hour 

“Paterson’s unique blend of tenderness, humour and horror is engaging.” – The Montreal Gazette